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Paying by direct debit 

Direct debit is our preferred, and increasingly popular, method of payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I set the direct debit up?

A. It's really easy! Just click on the button above and it will take you to the GoCardless site. 

Q. When will the direct debit payment go out of my account? 

A. The direct debit will be set up to go out on the Friday of the week your windows are due to be cleaned.

Q. Who will see my account details?

A. We use GoCardless so we don't see any of your banking details. We only see your name, address and email address, and as per our Privacy Policy, we would never pass these details on to a third party.

Q. What happens if the weather is bad and you are unable to clean the windows?

Great question! All of our rounds are on a 4-week rolling cycle, so if we are delayed for one particular month it wouldn't affect the next month. In extreme cases where the weather is particularly bad and we were delayed by 2 weeks, we would miss that month completely and pause your direct debit. 

Q. We will be having building work done soon, should I cancel the direct debit?

A. There's no need to cancel your direct debit. We can pause your payments for X months, or alternatively, we can pause indefinitely until the work is completed.

Q. How do I know when my windows have been cleaned?

A. Well, traditionally we have pushed a card through the door when your windows have been cleaned, however, as the cards are single-use only and that fact that we clean over 1000 residential homes a month, this method is neither cost-effective nor environmentally friendly. Therefore, we have recently introduced a text-service system whereby we advise you when your windows will be cleaned.If you would like to be included please contact us on 07807884420

Q. I would prefer to pay by standing order. Is that possible?

A. Yes Absolutely! Just contact Mark Hudson on 07807884420 for Rainford Window Cleaning Services bank details.

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